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Hi my name is Dave Montague. I have spent the majority of my life in immersive technologies. I have been involved in creating technology businesses most of my adult life. I am a designer/illustrator by way of education but gravitated to business ownership very early in life.

I have worked with some of the largest companies in the US. Many were fortune 500 companies who engaged my company to develop sales training software to facilitate their rapidly growing workforce. The companies I have founded and c0-founded have garnered over 35 awards in software, video, and website development.

In my years spent running companies I have always migrated back to my roots as a designer. I recently moved to the Pacific Northwest where I have enjoyed hiking and photography. I am also picking up my pant brush my guitar… a passion I have longed for in my busy life.

Because I have a wealth of business building experience, I can assist your company in what I call “dressing for the dance”. Websites need to engage the user through a beautiful fully functioning interface. Winning websites today are design-centric. The magic is saying more with less. People won’t read several paragraphs of 12pt copy. They will look at a picture and a headline and move on. They will watch a video only if it is short and engaging. Anything more than a minute loses its effectiveness… there are always the exception.

I design websites with a design passion. Websites that reflect my artistic soul. Websites that engage the human spirit. I would love to work with you as I continue my journey here in the Pacific Northwest. It costs less to do business here but is literally an Eden of inspiration.

Send me a message or give me a call. I am easy to talk to and have no other agenda but to deliver you a product you will love.

Another passion of mind is the development of tools that would assist people in realizing their greatest potential. Here I am speaking to a large group of people about how technology can maximize the human potential.

I developed a program called Mind Makeover Magic. This unique program would allow a person to record affirmations using their own voice, add their own music, and mix the two as an mp3 that could be listened to anywhere. It truly is a magical program for changing a person’s self talk.

I have had the opportunity to speak in front of thousands of people around the globe. I was fortunate to have developed a sales software that allowed people to make presentations using a easy-to-use drag and drop interface and then email an interactive presentation to anyone anywhere.

Coupled with Mind Makeover Magic, a person could dramatically increase their personal results in all areas of their life.