Scott W Martin

President at Nutri-Genx Inc.

Dave is extremely creative and has a eye and a flair that is hard to find today. His technical abilities are second to no one.
If your looking for someone to design something that is not just ordinary but extraordinary then Dave is who you are looking for. He is also a pleasure to work with and has a very positive attitude about every detail of your project.
I highly recommend Dave and his team.

Dr. Scott W Martin

Jeff Liechty

Product Development & Innovation

June 5, 2013, Jeff worked with Dave but at different companies

There are those who are highly creative, and there are those with innate business acumen. Rarely do you find both in one package. Dave is one of those rare individuals who can very quickly comprehend the intricacies of your project, and know just exactly how to promote it in the best way possible. If you’re fortunate enough to have an opportunity to work with Dave on your project, don’t hesitate; just do it!

Rick Peterson

CEO at Coach Habit Consulting

Dave is one of the top professionals I have ever worked with. His get it done attitude, and sincere interest in people, make him very effective in the work place and a great person to be around.

Dynamic Experienced Business Accountant and Consultant – QuickBooks Pro. Bookkeeping. Tax.

Dave is one of the most, if not the most, creative individuals I know. He is also genuinely in the game to win and to help those around him win as well. He is great to work with, and has some great things that he is working on. If you have not seen the latest with Presentation Expert, you will want to check it out in a hurry! Great tool for any business!

Brittney Ercanbrack

Marketing and Advertising Professional at Blue sage digital

Dave is a great person who is honest and trustworthy. He is a hard worker and will always deliver 110%. Customer service is his #1 priority!

Blake Brown

Dave was great to work for. Always had a great attitude and was always helping you learn something new. He always went out of his way, which most Bosses never do.

Joel Harris

Dental Marketing Consultant, Founder of Moxzee

>Wow. What can I say about Dave. He is the most creative and visionary person I have ever known. During a span of about six years, Dave and I created several great companies together. Along the way I witnessed time and time again Dave’s uncanny ability to combine cool technology with exciting media in ways most others would never think of. To his credit, he is always ahead of the technology curve without losing his ability apply it practically. Dave is truly an “imagineer”.

RG Williams

Dave is an amazing man! In the relatively short time that I have known Dave I have come to respect, honor and look forward to every opportunity we get to sit down and talk. His insights to everything are so compelling and his passion to support, help and build others is incredible! I consider Dave one of the true giants in the world and am extremely fortunate to know him.

Kauri Thompson

Business Development, Global Expansion Leader

Dave Montage is one of those rare individuals that possess a strong creative element, vision and drive. Montague’s work has and will continue to shape the direct sales and network-marketing industry in years to come. Companies would do well not to ignore the evolving marketing trends created and driven by such individuals as Mr. Montague.

Steven Chamberlain, MBA

Dave has exceptional creative vision. He has built Emerald Forest Studios into a world-class media production firm. I have had the privilege of working closely with Dave and to be able to write and produce training content on a number of high profile projects, he enjoys getting everyone involved in his vision and has the right talent in his corner to help him achieve it.

Pete Hansen

The team at Emerald Forest create outstanding media and webcontent. Dave leads a great team and they have done wonders for their clients! You should really check them out.

Rusty Smith

Dave is a creative genius. He has great ideas on creative ways to tackle projects. He genuinely feels that customers are always the top priority and will strive to satisfy them, even when it might not be very profitable for the the company. He is also extremely good at enrolling people into his vision.

Gilbert Howe

Dave Montague runs a very competitive and cutting edge animation, graphics, training and instructional media company. They use the web and DVD/CD’s as some of their tools for the source of their delivered goods They have a well educated and strongly efficient programming staff that sees to delivery of excellent products. Dave manages his group by sharing ideas and allowing them to give feed back. Dave is a quiet genius.

Amy Grant

Dave is one of the most highly talented and creative men I know. He and his team create the highest quality, cutting edge multi-media productions in the industry. Their work has dramatically increased our business as well as other business worldwide. I would emphatically recommend Emerald Forest to everyone looking for website creation or cutting edge media productions.

Corey Clothier

Dave is such an innovator. It’s obvious in his work and the diversity and scope of his projects/clients.

It is a rare quality to work with a leader that is not only interested in exceeding your expectations, but to actually be dedicated to improving your business. I don’t think Dave is happy unless he can prove at least 300% ROI on his projects. I highly recommend Dave and his team. They are outstanding!